CS Thunder Valley Enrichment Program

  19-20 THV Spring Training Soccer Camp 5th - 8th
  Thunder Valley
  3/30/2020 - 5/14/2020
  Mo, Th
  3:20 PM - 4:45 AM
  Thunder Valley:

Sorry this class has been cancelled

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Sorry this class has been cancelled


Thunder Valley Middle School students are invited to attend an exclusive 5th-8th grade spring training soccer camp located at the south fields. Coaches Wolf and Wilcox will help students with scrimmage, practicing drills, and learn new strategies for the upcoming season.


Classes offered before and after school that reflect the interest of the children and families. An extensive menu of opportunities is available including; movies, arts and crafts, science-based activities and learning experiences, music and physical activities, community awareness, field trips and academic support programs.